Black Screen, Fake Windows Security Alert, No Icons Or Files, Say Hdd Full But

Wininit Exe Windows Process
April 18, 2022
Learning Directx 12
April 22, 2022

Black Screen, Fake Windows Security Alert, No Icons Or Files, Say Hdd Full But

I can here the audio of the character screen , so I know the game lodes but nothing ells. I have to do a hard log to get out and get msvcr90.dll error. A clean and tidy computer is the key requirement for avoiding problems with igfxtray.

“dss.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.” All programs were closed at the time as well. I have tried everything in MS article Q to get this thing to run. I have the latest video and audio drivers on both machines. DirectX is working fine, and every other game I’ve tried to play on these machines works fine. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled a number of times, disabled the AGP acceleration, DirectSound acceleration, etc. I followed the topic yesterday after having the same problem, crashing after generating new world or trying to continue from a save game.

  • Thanks Ceejay for the response, here is the dxdiag.
  • I also noticed that when I use the “End Task” button from the “Applications” tab in taskmgr it doesn’t end the process though it “closes” the program.
  • I appreciate the sentiment of trying to help folks out but really, that’s what we’ve been doing to even play the game.

RIGHT click on aswMBR.exe and select Run As Administrator to start. When disinfection is completed, a log will open in Notepad and you may be prompted to Restart. For now, I need for you to absolutely de-install Bit torrent & any other ‘torrent utility. The logs show the pc has loads of open ports.

Troubleshooting Pc Errors

No, and please actually upload the report generated from dxdiag. Starcraft fixes are really all about compatibility settings, though they didn’t work for me either iirc. I tried your settings, still discolored from the very start. Although the chances of this or any other patch fixing our problem is very small, I do think this warrants some clarification from GOG. All GOG games should be fully patched, but the readme’s in the gamefolder state v1.0 for both dbts and lfl. Same problem, but where I could usually start the intro cinematic to fix the discoloration, this no longer works.

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Thread: Medieval 2: Total War Encountered An Unspecified Error And Will Now Exit

I understand that the regcode is there to activate Appverifier. It’s still possibly malicious, since it can make the whole system unbootable. Doing the unistall code wouldn’t help if one had no means to restore the unusable system. So at least everyone should be prepared with restore points and restore dvds.

Reinstall Intel Drivers

These can lengthen loading screens as well. I recently bought a new laptop after looking at the specs which were seemingly way beyond what is needed to run the sims 4 at high graphics. However, it lags really badly and loading screens can sometimes literally take 5 minutes to load. This is particularly annoying as one of the sims has an active career.

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